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Our goal is to provide helpful information, reports and data to individuals and businesses with websites, so intelligent decisions can be made to gain higher visibility and more traffic that high visibility on search engines can provide.

In order to be successful and get more free traffic from search engines you need to understand and optimize your web site so that you can achieve the greatest results.

It’s very easy to do this if you have the right tools and understand the basic factors that conrtribute to web pages gaining higher visibility.

Amazon ImageThis practice is referred to as SEO or search engine optimization.

We’re optimizing our websites so that search engines will favor them and show them higher in their search results.

Being on top of your SEO is more important than ever because the competion for high rankings has increased with an ever widening pool of competitors trying to gain visibility.

Is search engine traffic really important? Let’s look at some data we’ve found published in reports. It will help you understand how important reaching users of search engines can be to your websites.

Face it – everybody that uses the interenet searches for stuff!

Almost all 250 million internet users in the United States utilize search engines.

Over half of of all internet users are searching at least one time a day. Many internet users search much more often than that every day with nearly 10 billion searches each and every month.

Websites that want to have high visibility must be concerned with SEO aka Search Engine Optimization.

It’s really not that complicated and we’ll point you in the right direction so you can learn more about the various tools and reports that will help you optimize your websites for the search engines.

The first thing you should do is look at the data that is on the home page of your website and make a note of the strengths and weaknesses a good report will provide you.

The HOME PAGE URL is you domain name and is often refrred to as the ROOT of your site. In addition – it’s important to note that your site also has INSIDE PAGES which technically are known as a URL – Uniform Resource Locator

Every page on your site has a specific address and a unique URL.

While the inside pages of your site can be important, there is no denying that the most powerful page on your website is the home page URL. In most cases the home page of a site is the URL that people will see most often.

I suggest that you start by running a free SEO optimization report for your home page URL.
Start by using the popular and free AUKDAT Keyword Denisty Analyzer Tool which will give you a report with a lot of data.

Here is a link to the free tool:

Try entering this URL so you can look at the site in the video:

Here is a VIDEO (coming soon) showing how to use the tool.

As you can see from using the AUKDAT Keyword Density Analyzer Tool it is very important how the search engines see your web page.

This is often referred to as “On Page SEO”.

The keywords on the page, internal linking, title tags, formattimng tags, image tags and other factors play a big part in how the search engines look at your URL’s and score each of your pages.

While on page factors certainly are important, other huge factors in SEO optimization are what is referred to as off page factors.

OFF PAGE refers to things that the search engines score your URL’s for that are OUTSIDE of the code on your URL’s.

Off Page SEO Optimization usually revolves around external links coming in to your pages (often called backlinks).

The links that point to your site play a huge part in how the search engines rank your URL’s when people search for keywords.

A backlink is an EXTERNAL LINK from a website and is considered a vote someone has made to indicate the URL that is linked is important.

If it is a text link and has a keyword or keyword phrase it will pass a vote for relevance.

In addition to the keyword in the “anchor text” or the “link text” the searche engines also consider other factors. Some of them include proximity to related keywords as well as quality of the URL’s the links are coming from.

As you can imagine there are many off page factors that are out fo your control.

That said, you can take charge and play a greater part in how your off page SEO is viewed by the search engines by concentrating some efforts on doing the things we know they like and will help your URL’s rank higher.

We’ll investigate more of these concepts in individual articles, but some of the factors may Some of the factors may include relevance factors, traffic volume (page views) for the pages with your links, links to the pages that link to you and authority and social signals for the pages that link to you.

as you can see there are a many different things that could play a part in how your your web site performs on the search engines.

While you may be able to afford to hire an SEO firm to manage your Search Engine Optimization, it is important you at least have a basic understanding of the factors that play a part in your websites success at getting free search engine traffic.

Amazon ImageWe’ll do our best to cover these factors, as well as present information on tools to analyze and get reports to help you improve your search engine marketing efforts.

We here at SEO Optimzation Report want to help you gain the knowledge to get an advantage and control your own destiny, rather than just hope you get your fair share.

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And more tools to evaluate your SEO competition and efforts.

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